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Salt Lake Breast Cancer Walk-Oct 2016 Salt Lake Breast Cancer Walk-Oct 2016 Megan, Sophia,Sundee, and Joanne 203312391 Sandra, Jean, Chris (Chapter President), Niko, Apostoli, and Sara 203312392 Sandra, Jean, Megan, Chris, Niko, Apostoli, Sara, Sophia, Sundee, and Joanne 203312393 Sandra, Jean, Chris, Megan, Niko, Apostoli, Sara, Karen, Sophia, and Sundee 203312394 George Rebol and his Yiayia Yvonne 203312395 Proudly displaying the Greek flag 203312396 Katis Family 203312397 Megan and Apostoli 203312398 Breakfast after the walk 203312399 Niko and Aunt Karen 203312400